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NAVREF Best Practice Consultations

At the request of the executive director of a member foundation, NAVREF will support the costs of sending a pair of specially selected, experienced executive directors to spend two days on-site reviewing all aspects of the NPC’s management and suggesting “best practices.” Prior to the visit, the consultants examine the NPC’s governing documents, policies, procedures, accounting systems, IRS tax returns, board meeting minutes, interpersonnel dynamics, etc., and then tailor the consultation to the foundation’s particular needs.

The objective of NAVREF’s Best Practices Consultations (BPC) Program is to promote high quality operational practices among the VA-affiliated nonprofit research and education foundations (NPCs). The BPC program recognizes that every NAVREF member has a vested interest in the success of every other NPC. Using peer to peer sharing, BPCs offer comprehensive, constructive suggestions on NPC administration and sound advice from experienced colleagues.

Available as a service to NAVREF members, these consultations are conducted at the request of the executive director, or upon request by the board of directors with the concurrence of the executive director. BPC discussions are limited to those directly involved in NPC management and governance. No written reports are prepared.

NAVREF bears all the costs of sending one to two experienced executive directors and a NAVREF staff member to spend up to two days on site. To arrange a consultation, use the BPC Request Form below to get started. Requests for particular consultants are accommodated when possible.

In preparation for the consultation:

Documents Binder: A few weeks before the consultation, the executive director sends the consultants copies of readily available documents such as the NPC governing documents (articles of incorporation and by-laws) recent IRS Form 990s, board meeting minutes, etc. The consultants may ask the executive director to have certain other documents available during the visit.

Self Assessment Tool: The NAVREF NPC Self Assessment Tool may suggest items that the executive director will wish to raise during the consultation. Click here for a Word version

Conference Call: Approximately two weeks before the actual visit, the consultants hold a conference call with the executive director to determine how they can best tailor the consultation to meet the foundation's particular needs.

This program fosters the highest standards of NPC management by giving executive directors an opportunity to ask questions and to learn from others willing to share their expertise.

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