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Updated NAVREF message on COVID-19

18 Mar 2020 10:12 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

These are certainly unique times requiring unprecedented actions.  We hope you, your families, and your staffs are staying healthy and safe.  Our highest priority during this time should be the health and safety of families, friends, colleagues, patients, and neighbors.  In many cases, this means working from home and in some cases it means slowing or stopping business operations.  One of our biggest challenges is dealing with the uncertainty. Our businesses are inter-connected with so many controlling factors that a shortfall in just one area can have significant and lasting consequences for the enterprise.   

The NAVREF Board held our regularly scheduled quarterly board meeting on Monday.  Instead of being together in Dallas, we were looking at each other through computer screens via GoToMeeting.  We tried to find ways in which we could possibly help the NPCs get through these difficult times.  We spoke with Dr. Ramoni about the expected impacts to VA research and the NPCs.  Please see attached guidance on ORD-funded research signed by Dr. Ramoni that was disseminated last night.  Note that decisions about externally-funded research are being left to each facility. 

We are aware of communication from a number of pharma sponsors who are placing enrollment holds on open studies.  Please see attached message from Boehringer-Ingelheim as one example.  Reach out to your sponsor with any study-specific questions.  As Krissa gets information from sponsors, she will immediately share with impacted sites and we will post to our website. 

We will continue to advocate for the NPCs and raise visibility of NPC issues to VA and congressional leaders as necessary.  We encourage you to reach out directly to us with any concerns, requests for action, or recommendations.  We will make information available to you as quickly and as efficiently as possible to help reduce the uncertainty.  We recommend you consider the following options:

Ours is a community with great spirit and camaraderie.  Continue reaching out to each other to keep spirits up and to stay connected.  Your NAVREF team remains fully-engaged, available to you, and committed to the on-going success of you and your nonprofit. 

Be well, be safe, be strong.

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